How to Prevent a Flea Infestation

When it comes to fleas, preventing an infestation is much easier than treating one. Because pets are fleas' main ticket inside your home (and their trusty food sources, to boot), preventing your pet from catching fleas is the best way to keep your pet and home protected.

Flea Prevention 101

Regular use of a flea preventive helps your pet stay happy, healthy, and flea-free. One popular preventive is the flea collar. The Zodiac® Flea & Tick Collar comes in several variations depending on your pet's size, and whether he or she is a dog or a cat. Flea collars offer fast-acting, long-lasting and convenient protection against fleas and other pests.

The best way to prevent fleas is by using topical preventives. These products, such as Zodiac® Spot On® Flea & Tick Control products, are highly effective ways to keep your pet from getting fleas. Many topical preventives kill adult fleas with an adulticide, and kill flea eggs and larvae with an insect-growth regulator (IGR). When applied as directed, these products offer easy, powerful prevention.

Flea Prevention Safety

When using preventive solutions, remember three important guidelines so that your pet can enjoy worry-free protection:

  • Always choose a product made for your pet. Flea preventives made for dogs, for example, may be harmful to cats.
  • Second, only use one flea & tick product at a time. Whether products are intended for prevention or treatment, combining them could harm your pet.
  • Third, always follow the package instructions for use.