How to Treat a Dog with Fleas

If you notice fleas on your dog, your first step toward eliminating the problem will be removing these parasites from his coat. As long as adult fleas remain on your dog, they will continue laying eggs, continuing your pet's flea infestation.

Bath Time

Begin by washing your dog with Zodiac® Flea & Tick Shampoo. Follow the directions on the label, leaving the product on your pet for the proper amount of time before rinsing thoroughly. You will likely rinse some dead fleas down the drain along with the shampoo.

The best time to reach for that flea comb is following your dog's bath. After towel drying your dog, gently run the comb through each section of his fur. Rub the comb across a paper towel to remove any fleas or other debris it has caught. You may want to use the flea comb once again after your dog's hair is dry.

Spray Relief

Another way to provide immediate relief for your dog is to apply Zodiac® Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs, Cats, Puppies & Kittens. This spray contains an ingredient to kill and repel fleas, and an insect-growth regulator to kill flea eggs and larvae for up to 60 days. Do not use flea & tick spray products at the same time as flea shampoo.

Additional Steps

It's best to treat all of the dogs and cats in your household with appropriate products, even if just one of them appears to be suffering from fleas. Fleas spread from one animal to another remarkably quickly. If one of your pets has them, the others are sure to be infested as well. You can keep your animals from passing fleas back and forth by treating all pets in your household.

Once you have solved the flea problem, consider using Zodiac® Spot On® Flea & Tick Control for Dogs to provide long-lasting pest protection. This monthly topical treatment protects your dog against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for up to 30 days.