How to Treat Your Yard for Fleas & Ticks

If your dog or cat spends time outside, it is important to treat the area for fleas & ticks. Even if you have treated your pet and home thoroughly, a quick visit outside could mark the beginning of a new infestation inside. Of course, completely removing fleas from your backyard isn’t possible, but you can reduce the number of fleas your beloved pet encounters while spending time outside.

Cleaning Up

The most important thing to remember when fighting an outdoor flea infestation is that these external parasites love shade. With this fact in mind, start by removing any debris, such as dirt or leaf piles, that could be providing pests with a safe haven from the sun. Mow your grass, pull up weeds, and trim any overgrown trees or bushes. The shorter your grass and the sunnier your yard, the fewer places fleas can lurk.

Next, use Zodiac® Yard & Garden Spray in the following spots:

  • Around the dog house or outdoor kennel (but not inside it)
  • Shady areas under trees
  • Underneath decks or porches
  • Your pet’s potty spot
  • Any other area of your yard where your pet spends time regularly
Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

While you can greatly reduce the number of fleas outside your house by following these steps, you can’t treat your neighbors’ yards or the woods. A fence can be helpful for keeping wildlife away from your yard, but remember that fleas can also catch rides on birds, squirrels, and outdoor cats, which can easily enter your outdoor space despite this barrier. Inevitably, some fleas will find their way back into your yard.

The best way to combat them is to re-treat your space. How often depends on your individual circumstances. If your pet spends a great deal of time outdoors or the flea population is high, more-frequent treatments will be in order. If you are lucky, an occasional treatment may be enough to keep the problem under control. Treating your pet with a monthly topical flea preventive can also help prevent infestations, even when he encounters outdoor fleas.